Accreditations and membership :
- the EMCC
- European School
of Administration
(European Institution accreditation)

Member of SPL

Guest lecturer with the ICN Coaching School (Luxembourg and Nancy)

I am a founding and Accredited member, board-member of the European Coaching and Mentoring Association in Luxembourg (EMCC). Within this association I am responsible for the co-ordination of the accreditation process as well as new members. Furthermore I am a member of the EMCC Research Journal Committee.

I am an Accredited member of the GRAAM and the Fundamental Approach. The GRAAM being a research group dedicated to the topic : Coaching of managers with the Fundamental Approach. The topic which brings together the members and practitioner of this group is the reflexion on the strongly related bonds between a person and his work. More information on the approach can be found on the GRAAM website.

I am accredited by the European School of Administration (a school belonging to the European Institutions in Bruxelles, Luxembourg and Strasbourg) and member of SPL (Society of Psychologist in Luxembourg).

Next to my practice I am a guest lecturer with the ICN Coaching School part of the ICN Business School in France (Equis accredited) and with the LSC (Luxembourg School of Commerce).

Further references and client references will be given upon request.

Press review:
Article from the Luxembourg Wort, 2011 (download the pdf)
Susanne Habran gives advise on how to approach Personal Development in a strategic way’.