When I use a Type Indicator there is a first phase of self investigation and better understanding of the organisational environment.

Thereafter a second phase which is more dedicated to the implementation. One could say, going from the “why” toward the “how”.

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Type Indicator

The Golden Personality Type Profiler, which has been based upon the studies of Jung, helps individuals understand their personal style, and the way they relate to other people.

Earlier type-oriented approaches were often too simplistic and make no allowance for the subtle differences between people of the same type. However the GOLDEN™ is part of the second generation tool, therefore it also develops the subtle facets that make up a personality type.

The GOLDEN™ tool can help develop and increase self awareness and, in particular, the understanding of strengths and fields of development, for example:

• Evolve within the organisation
• Evaluation of your career
• Return to work after a leave or an absence
• Prepare for a shift in career outside the organisation
• Accompany after redundancy
• Work on a personal or professional project

This tool can be useful in the kick-off of Individual Development and Coaching Programs. I often use the tool in two phases:

A first phase of self investigation and better understanding of the organisational environment including :

• Analysis of personal and professional skills
• Strengths and growth opportunities
• Analysis of motivation and personal interests

The second phase is often more dedicated to the implementation and therefore aims to give a greater capacity to understand :

• How our behaviour impacts others
• How to work on our capacity to change
• How we can work more successfully with our peers, direct reports, and management
• How to take better care of our professional future
• How to position ourselves within the organisation
• How to align ourselves with values and common goals of the organisation[/wpex]