Recruiting support via behavioral interviews

When preparing a behavioral interview, the employer must decide what skills are needed in the person they hire. During the interview questions are asked to find out if the candidate has those skills.

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Behavioral Interviews

Behavioral based job interviews are based on learning how the interviewee acted in specific employment-related situations.

I am sometimes asked what the difference is between a regular job interview and a behavioral interview. Actually, there is not a difference in the actual format of the job interview. It is still a meeting between an interviewer and the candidate who will respond to interview questions. The difference is in the type of interview questions that will be asked, and the analytical competencies I will use to support my interview feedback to the client.

As the title indicates: Behavioural interview questions are meant to question behaviour. The logic is that often past behavior will predict future performance and social competencies, this is what I offer via this approach.

I have done this training for private and public institutions, such as for the EU institutions HR-staff for their panel selection preparation.