360 ° Feedback comes from members of an employee’s immediate work circle : subordinates, peers, supervisors, as well as a self-evaluation.

The results from a 360-degree evaluation are often used by the person receiving the feedback to plan and map specific development needs or strategies

Additional Human Ressources Consulting services :
- Behavioral interviews
- Type-indicator tools
- Mentor Programs


The 360° tool can have an invaluable role to play in executive coaching. It opens a window onto how a leader is perceived and experienced by colleagues above them, below them and at peer level within their organisation.

With my support, the individual’s data can be explored and the key development points incorporated into the coaching objectives.

Benefits include:
◦ Affirming and highlighting the individual’s strengths and achievements
◦ Identifying areas for development, blind spots (including the positive things we sometimes are not aware and therefore do not exploit enough)
◦ Indicating specific behaviours which respondents would like to see continued, stopped or changed

As with use of a personality indicator type tool, the 360° feedback is used widely in business but not always optimal. In some cases it can be negatively perceived, especially if a sense of unfairness emerges when reading the feedback report. If this is not handled professionally and rapidly the exercise did not reach it’s goal, and can do more harm than good.

Therefore I find it important to use my own extensive experience from using 360° feedback – both from my past corporate life and from my coaching practice. The client feedback I often get is that my support of this instrument delivers important value to the person having to work on his/her 360°.